Special District Organizations & Consolidations


We assist with the organization of special districts, business improvement districts (BID), general improvement districts (GID) and special improvement districts (SID). The requirements differ depending on the type of district being organized, but in all cases, we are here to guide our clients through the process.


Consolidations of Colorado special districts are becoming more common, as consolidation often results in improved quality of services, more effective use of taxpayer dollars, and reduction in costs and administrative duplication. Colorado law sets forth specific procedures for districts that want to consolidate in whole or in part with another district. We can advise on the consolidation process and assist with consolidation elections.

Our professionals are fortunate to have participated in a number of successful consolidations. From creating the third largest fire department in Colorado as South Metro Fire Rescue, to combining two ambulance agencies in Eagle County into one, to merging seven fire districts in Eagle County, we have the know-how needed for a successful consolidation.

For more information on our special district organization & consolidation services, contact Collins Cole Flynn Winn & Ulmer, PLLC.